Career Coaching for Professionals

"What you dwell on is what you become."  - Oprah Winfrey

Packages are for individuals committed to exploring and expanding their professional growth.  I work with clients and provide the framework to help them get unstuck and move forward, always working off of their agenda.  Career packages are customized for the individual’s needs and generally lasts between 6 - 12 sessions. Explore four of my focused programs.

Career Path & Discovery Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Career Change Coaching

Executive Development Coaching

THe Process

We begin by discussing what coaching is and isn’t. We discuss the coaching process which begins with your goals and ends with your outcomes. Each session ends with your insights and next steps, which may include some of the coaching and job preparation services below. Having a personal career coach can alleviate the stress and help build confidence that your next move is the right one.  

Your Takeaways

We end our sessions with a look back on your progress and insights.  If you are in career transition, have you landed your job? What do you anticipate in the onboarding process at your new place of work? What are one to three things you want to accomplish in the next place you go? How will you get this done? 


the Professional tools in my toolbox

These are just some of the tools in my toolbox to help identify your unique career goals, discover your strengths and develop professionally.  Depending on our session schedule and ideal outcomes, these will be incorporated into your plan. These services can also be scheduled or purchased on an a la carte basis. 

Assessments:  When you are in transition, it’s great to learn more about your strengths and what you bring to the table at work. Only focusing on your need areas is unproductive.  Rather being aware of your communication and learning styles, your values and what is unique about you is powerful. It helps explain  your impact when you begin to interview.

Resume Review & Development: Most people want a second look at their resume or someone to update it for them.  If your resume needs some work, I can edit it for you and together we can discuss the goals of your resume. We will hone in on keywords that will be picked up through applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan the internet and allow recruiters to see your talents and skills and begin to store your resume in their database for future opportunities.

LinkedIn Profile Creation: LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. According to LinkedIn 85% of jobs are found by networking so it’s important to consider your own network and LinkedIn as part of your career strategy when you are ready to make a move.


Let's get STARTED

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