Five Things College Juniors and Seniors Can Do to Get Their Dream Job

1. Impact

Present an impactful resume which showcases quantifiable accomplishments. For example: Started the first women’s finance club at school which grew to 100 members. 

2. Value 

List eight to ten companies you would like to work at and why you would add value. 

3. Research

Before a career fair, research the companies attending and follow these companies on LinkedIn.  What makes this company special? Why do you really want to work there?

4. Do Your Homework

Many companies use the behavioral interview process which is looking for the candidates answer to the Situation, Task, Action and Result (known as the STAR process). Practice potential interview questions you think they might ask.

5. Five Star References

In advance of an interview, ask those that you have worked for to write a recommendation for you in three sentences or more. Just like a book review or a review on Google! If you are a student and are just graduating, ask a professor for an endorsement on LinkedIn.

denise durgin