Five Ways to Pivot Your Career

1. Mission

Be clear on your mission; what gets you excited about your work?  What are you passionate about? What difference or impact do you want to make in your work or to the world?

2. Values

What are three to five values that are important to you and are deal breakers if not carried out in the place that you work?

3. Impact

What are the three most significant changes or results that you accomplished at your last organization?

4. Self-Aware

Understand how you are perceived by others.  There are assessments you can take down the line, but look at your resume, and your work experience and hone in on what you are good at and what you want to do. What skills can you translate to the next place?

5. Own Your Brand

This is just like the answer "All of the Above"! Understanding your impact, mission and core values is what makes your own brand. It's what makes you unique and memorable.   

denise durgin